Pevea boat rentals - big game fishing charters

The purpose of pevea boat rentals-big game fishing charters is to offer its customers the opportunity to experience and learn about the wonderful sea that washes the shores of eastern liguria.

Our goal is customer satisfaction further to give an alternative service to people unable or unwilling to support the charges and the commitment to buy a boat.

Levanto is located in the heart of the marine park of the cinque terre, the promontory of punta mesco, nearby destinations such as portofino or portovenere, the sudden depth of the waters comprised in the cetacean sanctuary, make navigation in this sea an unforgettable experience.
For people wishing to practice the discipline of sport fishing, pevea provides customers, be them simple fans or avid anglers, a consummate experience of thirty years in all the seas of the world, combined with dedicated and top notch boats and equipment.