For reservations on line there is a discount of 10% including promotions if booking is made within 7 days, and 20% if booking is made within 30 days.

Service booking is confirmed by payment of a 50% deposit of the cost of the service, to be paid on the pay-pal account or by bank transfer. Contact us for info .final payment before departure..


Choose the deposit

In the event of cancellation by customers, pevea will keep the entire deposit.

If the commanders of pevea believe that the service cannot be made due to adverse weather conditions, we will proceed to the refund of the deposit at the time of boarding.

The settlement of each service (rental, leasing, taxi) must be made before boarding, by debit card, pay pal or cash. We do not accept checks.
For lease service, as listed in the menu, a deposit payable prior to boarding is provided.
The contracts are to be completed and signed prior to boarding.


Boat rentals:
Including: crew, fuel, fishing equipment, drinks and breakfast/snack. Max 12 people

Work N' Girl :

240 euros per hour     min 2hr
Half a day: euro 850
Full day: euro 1500
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Lupetta di Mare:

€ 150 per hour  min 2hr
Half day € 500
Full day  900 euro
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Rental boats:

Ligurian gozzo a 4, 75 m diesel-electric propulsion without license including fuel

€ 40 per hour minimum 2 hr
Half day € 150
Full day € 200
800 euro per week
Daily service deposit 100 €
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