Night tour with dinner in the Cinque Terre:

Departure from levanto in the late afternoon (h18 .00/20.00),
aperitif on boat at sunset off punta mesco.
Landing in the cinque terre with dinner at the restaurant.
Return at 22.00 /24.00

Euro 750-maximum 12 people

Aperitif at sunset:

Departure from levanto in the late afternoon (h18 .00/20.00).
Tour of the coast with bath.
Drink off punta mesco. Return (h 20.00/22.00)

Euro 750-maximum 12 people

Big Game Fishing Experience:

Half day 6h (h 07,00/13,00 - 14,00/20,00 )
Bluefin tuna and pelagic fish fishing trip
(link) off punta mesco.
Departure from levanto.
Research and capture bait fish, transfer to place.
Fishing action. Return. Including breakfast/snack.

Euro 1000 up to 8 people

Subscriptions for rental boats

Example: half day rental subscription: 10 times in one month: 10 x 150 euro = 1500 euro- subscription price = 900 euros